Decaffeinated Coffee

We coax all the flavor possible from the our decaf options. By carefully roasting each bean to perfection we can make the decaf so delicious you might not even know that you got a cup of decaf! So if you can’t have regular but love a great cup of coffee order with confidence.

Flavored Coffee

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  • Just like our regular Capone, a full Italian roast for the dark roast lover without the caffeine kick at the end.

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  • Our most popular decaf. Hints of baker’s chocolate.

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  • Our house blend and one of our “lightest” darker roasts. This espresso has a nice crema to it and makes wonderful latte. A blend of three beans from Central and South America.

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Sustainable Coffee

Port City Coffee Roasters is an ardent supporter of responsible business and environmental practices. While we value taste first and foremost, we strive to order only those coffees that are grown with sustainable methods, at a fair price that supports the grower.
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