Central and South American Coffees

Coffees from Central and South America are the most widely served in the world, but within this huge geographic area, there are as many types of coffee as there are cultures that produce them. Columbia and Brazil produce the most popular varieties while Honduran and Panamanian coffees have been winning “best cup in the world” titles more regularly during the past decade. Most coffees from these parts of the world produce flavors that are clean and lively.

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  • This coffee comes from Cerrado, Brazil in the country’s largest coffee growing region and grown at about 3500 feet. This coffee will have a cocoa and creamy taste to it.

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  • A Columbian coffee with brilliant flavor! Grown at roughly 5000 feet in the region of Antioquia, Colombia on a sustainable practice coffee farm.

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  • This coffee is grown in the West Valley of Costa Rica. Shade grown around 4,250 feet, our Costa Rican has a smooth, light taste with a fruity finish. It is a Fair Trade and sustainable coffee.

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  • This full-bodied Central American coffee is rich with acidity and complex flavors like caramel and orange notes for a clean finish.

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  • This coffee comes from the Segovia Mountains of Nicaragua and grown at an elevation of 4100 feet. The coffee is sun dried on patios on the slopes of the mountains. The cupping notes are clean, dark, and creamy.

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  • This coffee comes from Piura, Amazonas, Cajamarca, San Martin in northern Peru. Its grown at an elevation of 3500 feet. It is fully washed and sun dried.

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Sustainable Coffee

Port City Coffee Roasters is an ardent supporter of responsible business and environmental practices. While we value taste first and foremost, we strive to order only those coffees that are grown with sustainable methods, at a fair price that supports the grower.
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