About Port City Coffee Roasters

Since 1992, Port City Coffee Roasters has been a cornerstone of Seacoast coffee culture.  The welcoming aroma of roasting coffee that wafts down Islington Street from our little café tells the story of our endless commitment to providing the freshest, most delicious coffee in the region.

Step inside and you’ll discover that Port City’s commitment to quality goes well beyond the coffee itself.  Our customer service is as much a part of our brand as the delicious coffee beans that we hand select from around the world.  Retail and wholesale customers alike appreciate that we provide a level of service that’s only possible from a small-scale local business.  We know that if you serve our coffee at your restaurant, café, or business, you’re committed to providing the very best to your customers and employees, which is why we work closely with our wholesale accounts to make sure they get exactly what they’re looking for.

Sustainable Coffee

Port City Coffee Roasters is an ardent supporter of responsible business and environmental practices. While we value taste first and foremost, we strive to order only those coffees that are grown with sustainable methods, at a fair price that supports the grower.
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