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Central and South American Coffees:

Central & South American Coffees are the most popular coffees. They tend to have a light to medium body with flavors that are clean and lively. Included in this classification are the coffees of the Pacific and Caribbean Islands.

African Coffees:

African Coffees are sometimes considered "strong" for coffee drinkers that have been drinking canned cofee all their lives. Its popularuty is constantly growing however due to their crisp acidity, hints of floral and winey flavors and a wide range of today.

Indonesian Coffees:

Indonesian Coffees offer a consistency unmatched by other coffees. They are always low in acidity, extremely full bodied, with exotic earthy flavors. Often they are chosen as the perfect dinner or dessert coffee.

Custom Coffee Blends:

If you would like a signature coffee blend for your business, organization, or even extended family we can help. We'll develop a few choices based on your preferences and after you choose the "perfect" coffee blend we'll label it with the name you choose and only offer it to customers that you authorize.

Dark Roast Coffee:

Is a roasting style using coffees from different regions to create a specific range of flavors from a pungent French Roast to a spicy Espresso to a smoky Italian Roast.

Flavored Coffee:

All of our flavored coffees are delicious, because we don't saturate the coffee with mediocre flavoring. We start with a premium South American Coffee and then tint the coffee with the best all natural flacorings we can find.

Decaffeinated Coffee:

We are pleased to offer several types of Decaf Coffees. Enjoy the perfect cup at afternoon.

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Central and South American Coffees
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